Hiking. Do you love it? Do you hate it? Either way it’s pretty likely that you’ve gone on a hike, and especially while traveling. After all, it’s one of the best ways to see the natural beauty of the landscape. It keeps you fit, and it’s a great way to relax and unwind. The chances are you’ve gone on a hike, and that you probably will again. I asked some of the best travel bloggers what their favourite day hike was, with brilliant results. I want to do every single one of these hikes, (including the ones I’ve already done). I reckon thay’ll give you serious hiking inspiration too… If you haven’t got it already! Here’s 23 epic day hikes from around the world, courtesy of 23 amazing bloggers! (be sure to check them out too!


1.Jirisan Mountain, South Korea

By Samantha from There She Goes Again

Since Korea has a plethora of beautiful mountains, I decided this past fall I would try to make the most of the good weather to explore them on my weekends instead of being lazy. My friend and I decided to start with one of the mountain ranges nearby, called Jirisan, and hike a small part of it for the day. It was early October, so it was still quite warm and the leaves were just starting to change colors. It’s absolutely stunning. The hike took about four and half hours each way. We were under bursts of red, orange, and yellow, so we could kind of forget the pain in our ill-prepared feet until we got on the bus later than night.

samantha-thereshegoesagain-hiking 2

2. Mount Fuji, Japan

By Darrell from Adoration For Adventure

My favourite hike I’ve ever done was gruelling after the first few hours, but the most worth it in the end. The place I’m talking about is Mt. Fuji in Japan. It’s one of the few hikes that is better to do overnight than in the day, which is what I did. I started the hike/climb at 7:30pm, got all the way to the top before sunrise at 4:30am and was down at the 5th Station before 9am. They only allow people to climb Fuji between July and September so make sure to visit Japan during this time.

mount fuji

3. Mt Gower, Australia

By Shandos from Travelnuity

One of the favourite day hikes I’ve done is climbing Mt Gower on Lord Howe Island. A small volcanic island that’s a 2-hour flight from Sydney, Lord Howe Island is a great spot for lazing and snorkelling, and then there’s climbing Mt Gower! An old volcanic remnant that rises 875m directly up from the seashore, it’s not a hike to do if you dislike climbing or are scared of heights (there’s a precarious walk along a cliff side not far into it). Due to the dangers, the 8-hour hike is only possible to do with a local guide. However, at the top, you’re rewarded with magnificent vistas of the entire island. And there’s plenty of places to head for a massage the next day! Read more about the hike here

Shandos-Mt-Gower4. Jebel Toubkal, Morocco

By Chloe from Wanderlust in the Midwest

When I first visited Morocco nearly three years ago, I knew I had to visit Jebel Toubkal, the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains. So when I returned to this beautiful country last February, I made it a priority to hike in the High Atlas! We only had one day to spare so opted for a guided day hike around Imlil Valley, which offered stunning views of the surrounding Berber villages, herds of goats and cows, and Jebel Toubkal. Next time, I’ll set aside two or three days–then I can summit!


5. Hurricane Trail, New York

By Luke from Backstreet Nomad

The Hurricane Trail is a beautiful hike in Lake Placid, upstate New York. I hiked it a few years ago but from memory is about 3 hours up and 2 hours down. The trail start is very inconspicuous, marked by a single sign by the side of the highway. At the summit is an out of use fire lookout tower and a beautiful view of the Adirondacks. Well worth braving the rocky creek beds for this view!

unnamed6. Ceske Svycarsko, Czech Republic

By Liz from Lizzie meets world

Just a two-hour train ride northwest of Prague, through the small village of Hrensko which sits on the border of Czech Republic and Germany, is an amazing natural park called Ceske Svycarsko or Czech Switzerland. It is home to Pravcicka Brana, Europe’s largest natural stone bridge. The hike to see this natural wonder is fairly easy and suitable for beginners — we saw hikers of all ages during the 6-kilometer round trip hike. It is especially beautiful during autumn. If you have more than a day to spare, consider exploring the beautiful village of Hrensko. There are many hiking trails to explore, leading to magnificent gorges and rivers.

Woods in Ceske Svycarsko7. Lagoa Do Fogo, The Azores

By Lotte from Phenomenal Globe Travel Blog

The Azores are a group of 9 islands in the Atlantic Ocean belonging to Portugal. I went to Sao Miguel, one of these 9  islands and one of the most  beautiful places I have ever seen! Sao Miguel is also known as the ‘Green Island’ and green it definitely is.The great hike I did to Lagoa do Fogo takes about 4-5 hours and has really varied landscapes, from farm lands to pine forest and from lush green fields  to beautiful coast views. What’s really cool: about halfway into the hike you find a levada, a water channel with clear fresh water, along which the trail runs. I had not seen something like it ever before. The water in the levada is really clear and you can see fish darting around, very cool! One the slight downside, both the soles of my hiking shoes came off about half an hour before reaching Lagoa de Fogo so I had to turn around. Luckily I did see the lake, when I was touring round on a scooter on road R 5-, which climbs up to a 950 meter high pass offering a gorgeous view over the lake.

The Azores

8. Dartmoor, England

By Dominic from Flashpacking Duo

Our favourite day hike is on Dartmoor National Park in the south of England. Dartmoor is well known for its tors ( hills topped with bedrock) and its stunning natural beauty. Our favourite hike takes in the two highest tors on Dartmoor. High Willhays (621m) which is the highest point in Southern England and Yes Tor (619m) and a lap around the beautiful Meldon reservoir. At nearly 12miles long it is a hard going but decent day hike with some great views across Dartmoor National Park.

(P.S I fully recommend Dartmoor for hiking too, it’s a pretty special place!)

dartmoor 1

9. Laguna de los tres, Patagonia,

By Carol from Wayfaring Views

The glacier-cut Fitzroy Range in Patagonia shoots up out of the valley like a rocket and the best way to experience it is to hike up the Laguna de los Tres trail. “I think I can, I think I can”, I huffed to myself as I switch-backed up the last 2 kilometers of the trail. The 18 kilometer 900+ meter hike is one of the more difficult day hikes that I have done. But at the top, I was rewarded with stunning views of the blue-green glacier lake and towering spires of Fitzroy. I grew up in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains but still was not prepared for the power of this glacier-cut range. I was awe-inspired and humbled by its beauty.

Fitzroy view from top cguttery

10. Mount Batar, Bali

By Anita from Anita Hendrieka

Experiencing the sunrise from Mt Batur was one of the most memorable hikes I have ever done. Located about an hour and a half drive from Ubud it’s definitely worth waking up at 2am for! To reach he peak in time for sunrise everyone meets around 4am and start the scrambling up the mountain it the pitch dark. When you have reached the top you’re welcomed with boiled eggs and hot tea, but be careful because the monkeys are renowned for stealing your breakfast! Highly recommended if you are visiting Bali and want to see some stunning views and climb up an active volcano!



11. Bosque de Arrayan, Argentina

By Elizabeth from Compass and Fork

The 7.5 mile (12 kilometres) one way hike leaves from Puerto Angstura. The scenery is stunning. As you walk down the small peninsular, the water changes colour several times from a crystal clear green to a very pleasing turquoise blue as you finally reach the shore of Lake Nahuei Huapi at the end of the hike. Along the way you pass through forest, scenic viewpoints, another dark blue lake and of course the highlight, the Arrayan (Myrtle) Forest. You can either catch the boat back to Bariloche or return the way you came.


Mrytle (Arrayanes) Forest Bariloche12. Ijen Vulcano, Java

By Iris from The sea is my cup of tea

My boyfriend and I love hikes that give us great results for minimal effort (even though that might sound really lazy!), so when we heard you can reach Paltuding village by car and walk up three kilometres up from there to reach the Ijen vulcano, we knew this was the trekking we wanted to do. The special thing about the Ijen vulcano is that there’s an acidic crater lake at the top, where local Indonesian people mine bright yellow sulfur. A tough and dangerous job! The smell was of course more than horrible (tip: take a gas mask), but the sight was amazing and unlike anything I’d ever experienced. Highly recommended!

Java13. Petra, Jordan

By  Odoardo from Queidue

My all-time favourite hike is Petra, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, located in Jordan. Petra was a very important city some centuries ago and it was built inside the mountains surrounding a small valley. Once you enter, you have one main road to follow where all the most famous buildings and monuments are located, but you have dozens of trails leading you to the top of the mountains where you can have great views and hidden magical spots as the monastery. If you are not a professional hiker don’t worry, donkeys and camels can help you out overcoming the most demanding trails but don’t forget to wear very comfortable hiking shoes!


14. Cappadocia, Turkey

By Patricia from Ze wandering frogs

We loved our day hike through the Pink Valley, a unique way to discover the fantastic landscape of Cappadocia. Also called the Rose Valley, it’s aptly named after the color of its rocks and sits between the Göreme and Çavusin Villages. Hiking through the valley is not only the chance of admiring amazing scenery, but also to go through history, with a trove of cave churches and houses dating back hundreds of centuries ago, like the Hacil Kilise (Church with the Cross). We were surprised to find well-preserved mosaics seemingly lost among the coloured spires, and felt like adventurers of the new age as we hiked through the Pink Valley and entered these ancient sites.



15. Seoraksan National Park, Korea

By Nicole from Wee gypsy girl

Seoraksan National Park in the Gangwon province of Korea is my favourite place for a day hike. Unfortunately, I live on the other end of the country so can’t get there as often as I would like.  Living in a Korean City can often make you feel claustrophobic with people everywhere and a lack of green spaces. Hiking in Seoraksan National Park is challenging but the views, the fresh mountain air and the open spaces make this the perfect escape, plus it’s only 2.5 hours from Seoul by bus.

Nicole at Seoraksan

16. Joffre Lakes, Canada

By Josie from six year gap year

One of the easiest and most rewarding day hikes in British Columbia, Canada is the Joffre Lakes hike. There are three lakes in total, each one more beautiful than the last. Lower Joffre Lake is accessible from the carpark and is beautiful at sunset. Middle Joffre Lake (shown in the photo) is the best place to cool off, if you’re brave enough. Upper Joffre Lake is surrounded by mountain peaks and the glaciers that fill these lakes. The whole hike only takes around 5 hours, but allow extra time for swimming!

Joffre Lakes

17. Cinque Terra, Italy

By Stacey from Duffel bag spouse

We strolled to the starting point just as a few drops of rain began to fall. Then the sky opened up and the deluge that followed had us think about turning back more than a few times. I kept lying to Kish about being able to see the summit. But I knew she’d be proud of herself and I guess I was a little selfish too because we all knew she’d rather be in a nice spa sipping on something cool and refreshing. But like a good friend, she plowed up all those steps, built into the mountain and across trails only wide enough for two feet, where a missed footing had you tumbling off the side into the dark blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea below. The day started off cool, but as we climbed higher and higher the clouds dissipated and the sun beat down on our backs. I tried to forget that this was only one leg of the 5-leg trek.

duffelbagspouse hiking cinque terra italy with Carolyn and Kish 2012

18. Helvellyn, England

By Nic from The Roaming Renegades

For us one of the best hikes in the world is to take the sharp razor like arête known as “Striding Edge” to the top of one of the UK’s highest mountains: Helvellyn. This hike is not only a great challenge and one which requires bravery, precision and a head for heights but it takes you up to one of the most beautiful places in the world. The route is notorious for numerous fatalities a year and as such is not for the beginner, and yet the route itself is one which is easily attainable for the determined and moderately experienced hiker. It requires grade 1 scrambling with sheer drops on either side of the ridge but is one of the classic British test pieces for any hiker and an unforgettable experience.

(P.S. I can vouch for the awesomeness of this hike too! 🙂 )


19. Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand

By Stephanie from Big World Small Pockets

The title for my favourite day hike in the world goes to the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in the king of all walking country – New Zealand! Running through the barren, lunar-like landscape of ancient volcanoes and incredibly coloured crater lakes, much of the area here was used as the setting for Mount Doom in the Lord of the Rings films and believe me, the views from this hike are as atmospheric and spellbinding in real life as they are on the big screen. Not to be missed, this is a great 20km day walk that will give you a different perspective on New Zealand’s North Island.

(P.S.  I thought this was an epic day hike too!)

20. Old Rag Hike, USA

By Gabby from Packslight

One of the best day hikes in Virginia, and maybe even the entire East Coast, is Old Rag Hike in Shenandoah National Park. The views from this point stretch hundreds of miles across the valleys and lowlands of the Virginia wilderness. The hike is pretty steady and definitely could be done by a beginner, but there are more advanced portions that seasoned hikers would love, like the Rock Scramble! And if you get lucky enough to go in late September, you’ll get the view of millions of trees collectively fading from burning oranges to deep lipstick reds, and into sunset yellows. This hike is so dynamic and fun, it’s definitely not one to miss.

old rag21. Peak Komsomolets, Kyrgyzstan

By Stephen from Monk bought lunch


Less than forty-five minutes from capital city Bishkek, the Ala-Archa National Park is a great day hike anytime for travellers looking to get into the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. On May 1st it becomes something extra special, though, as local hikers and climbers gather to celebrate the ‘Alpinada‘ climbing festival by making a group ascent of the 4200m ‘Young Communists Peak’ in an event that has been marked annually since 1967. As a way to experience the country’s Tian Shan mountains and meet the local hiking community, there’s no better day hike in all of Kyrgyzstan.


22. The Narrows, USA

By Jenna from Restless roaming spirit

If you are looking for a day hike with a little character, The Narrows is a perfect fit. Located at Zion National Park in Springdale, Utah, The Narrows is both amazing and unusual. This isn’t a typical hike where you are ascending to reach panoramic views; this hike takes place within a gorge; the Zion Canyon. The hike received its name as it is the narrowest part of the Canyon. Majority of this trek is done in the Virgin River and dry suits are worn. The Narrows is great because you can make it a day hike and see the narrowest parts of the canyon, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can trek sixteen miles over one to two days (permit is required if hiking further than 10 miles).

I made the hike at the beginning of November which couldn’t have been more perfect. The weather was stable, water levels were average, and visitors were sparse. I was able to get away with only wearing dry pants (instead of the full outfit). The weather was warm enough where coats weren’t needed and a long sleeve shirt was plenty. Walking sticks were provided and were absolutely necessary to wade through the water and the slippery rocks. Overall, the hike was spectacular and is one of the best hikes I’ve been on. This unique experience should definitely be added to everyone’s bucket list!


23. Laguna Esmerelda, Patagonia

By Molly from Molly on the road

Hikers flock to Patagonia’s Tierra del Fuego for the famously beautiful national park of the same name, but that’s not the only reason you should stick around the Ushuaia area–take a mini bus out to hike up to Laguna Esmeralda! This crystal-clear pool of glacier water from the surrounding mountains is the crowned jewel at the end of a fantastic uphill trek. Pass by larger-than-life beaver dams, rare and majestic Patagonian birds, and brightly colored red and yellow peat moss that feels a bit like quicksand. The best part? Because the water from Esmeralda River comes straight from the glacier, it is potable for drinking and will probably be the freshest water you’ll ever sip in your life!


BONUS 24! Avalanche Peak, New Zealand

Avalanche Peak in Arthurs Pass not only requires the most scenic road trip or train journey in New Zealand to reach it, but the top has stunning views of the valley below and surrounding mountains, which were still snow topped when I climbed it in February. The circular loop is steep, so take your time and go up Avalanche peak track. It’s the steeper route, and far better to climb up than down. The half hike, part scramble at the steepest parts is extremely rewarding. Kea were perched at the rocky top while I was there, cheekily trying to nibble the rubber on hikers poles and boots, which made for an entertaining lunch stop. I spent a good hour drinking in the view before descending Scotts Track to Arthurs Pass Village.

Arthurs Pass

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